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    1. WeChat Work is designed for enterprises as a communication platform and office automation tools. It offers unique communication experience by integrating with Weixin. It also provides a wide array of third-party applications and over 200 APIs for enterprises to access and run their own applications, enabling enterprises to unify and manage applications on one single platform. These enable employees to work on the go.

      WeChat Work is integrated with Weixin's chats, Mini Programs and WeChat Pay, enabling enterprises to provide high-quality customer services via fast, seamless connections with external parties. A company's staff can use WeChat Work, a professional and consistent interface, to communicate with and serve its customers who are using WeChat. The customer relationship will be owned by the company, and won't be affected when an employee moves on.

      Leveraging Tencent's industry-leading security capabilities, WeChat Work also provides reliable enterprise data protection. We have obtained several accolades from international authorities, such as SOC2 Type 1 Report and ISO/IEC27018.